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Pressure tile machine its operation and matters needing atte

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Pressure tile machine its operation and matters needing attention. Cement tile equipment, Caigang watts equipment in recent years, the use of high cost, short service life, sound insulation, easy to rust, it is difficult to solve the problem. In view of many traditional building materials difficult to solve the problem, I consulted a large amount of data from domestic and foreign advanced technology, developed a new type of glazed tile, wave light composite wall plate. The new glazed tile equipment is corrugated asbestos cement tile, color steel tile equipment replacement of new products, especially suitable for Southeast Asia and Africa in rainy and humid climate, there are a lot of foreign imports of the product or build factories.
Cement tile equipment, Caigang watts equipment and new equipment are glazed tile pressure machine equipment, the operation and the matters needing attention:
Manual blank, blank fetching procedure: the equipment before use, should check around the connection is reliable, the installation of bolts and nuts are tightened, so should add the lubricating oil box, to start the electricity machine test, the first empty running closely, there is no vibration, noise, oil window whether the oil, the the components are coordinated, everything is normal to install mould, mold installation, the power must be cut off, with manual lift motor belt or gear, the working plate, and the sliding seat up to the highest point, with an object between the best support in the work table and slide the bottom to slip a natural whereabouts the accident. Under the mode of this machine is used to mould a pattern and six of the same size, install the upper die and a lower die, lower die mounted directly on the six wheel on the upper die is mounted on the sliding seat on the bottom plate and place the proper thickness of the upper and lower clamping guarantee after modeling, the four sides of uniform clearance between the upper and lower die, a distance equal to the desired thickness of the tile billet. And then the above model is accurate, the workbench translocation, the rest of the installation of five to pay the next module, all installed up and down die in order to drive after the pressure tile. Automatic feeding, blank fetching procedure: Die Installation and commissioning with the host, and then open the air compressor, vacuum pump, extruding machine, cutter, feeding machine, pressure machine, host and head conveyor, stop, stop the extruder, and then stop the remaining equipment.

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