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Common problems and types of tile press

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Common problems and types of tile press. 1 a wave is caused by plate in bending process produces a transverse tensile stress and transverse strain, and the strain along the thickness direction of the sheet
Relatively small, according to the deformation of the material Poisson relationship, will inevitably be more concentrated in the deformation of the position along the longitudinal contraction deformation. In this experiment
This phenomenon mainly occurs in the four deformation corners, so the longitudinal contraction of the middle part of the plate to the compression force, some areas in the force of the
Under the instability appeared in the bag shaped bulge, which is why we often say that a wave. A wave is mainly elastic deformation.
2 edge wave is a more common than wave shaped defects, its production is mainly the comprehensive role of the two: first with the surface of the pocket wave machine
For the same reason, the material is subjected to transverse tensile stress, resulting in the transverse tensile strain, and the strain in the thickness direction is not very large.
According to Poisson's relation, the longitudinal shrinkage occurs, and the edge part is generated by the compression stress. The second is the material of the edge part.
Under the action of external force, the tension shear becomes longer, and the press tile machine is compressed again to produce plastic deformation. These two functions overlap each other,
Form a side wave.
3 there are many reasons for the vertical bending, one of the most important reasons is that the side of the section is subjected to the action of the tension force in the curved side.
Will the whole section along the longitudinal stretch, but the tension is insufficient to elongate the rigid section, resulting in rolling the front-end upward or downward bending at
Type classification of tile press:
1, extrusion molding Caigang pressure tile machine: high yield, high speed, but the investment is too high, and then forming a spray coating color machine, brightness difference, only the surface layer
Color can not be attached to the tile surface alone, but must be mixed in an expensive adhesive before it can be. Tile cost is too high.
2, because of the single roll forming machine: rolling shape, tile quality has gradually faded out from the market.
3, moulded Caigang: now is the most advanced Caigang pressure tile machine models, most machines are using MITSUBISHI PLC control system, the main
If the hand touch screen and digital display. The mould is made of special steel, and the service life is long. Host equipped with enhanced pressure head and through
With the pressure plate, convenient replacement of the main mould and different shaped mould, suitable for cement tile and brick production of various types of.





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