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Tile press molding three main parts

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Pressure tile machine by feeding, molding and shaping up after cutting, the product appearance tidy and beautiful, uniform lacquer veins, high strength, durable, pressure tile machine is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as workshop, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition halls, theaters and other real face and the wall.
The molding machine is roughly divided into three main parts:
Electric control part: traditional injection molding machine using contact relay to switch the various movements, often because the joint screw loosening and contact failure and aging, usually in the use of one million times should be replaced with a new product, to ensure the stability of electrical control. In particular, the adhesion of dust and air humidity and other environmental factors also affect the machine movement. The modern injection machine adopts the non contact type integrated circuit, the connection of the electric wire is greatly reduced, obviously improve the bad phenomenon caused by the wire, and improve the stability.
Hydraulic parts: hydraulic system should pay attention to clean the hydraulic oil to keep the quality of hydraulic oil should be used, good stability, high quality hydraulic oil, in addition to the regular replacement, should properly control the temperature below 50C in order to avoid the deterioration of the stability effect of hydraulic action.
Body parts: part of the body should be regularly maintained lubrication to reduce friction coefficient, reduce wear and tear. The nut on the head plate and the locking screws should be checked regularly so as to avoid the fracture of the strength of the column. Die thickness adjustment mechanism should regularly check the drive shaft gear or chain has no offset or relaxation phenomenon. Screw on the screw is loose, grease is enough, etc..





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