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New change of tile press compared to the old tile press

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time:2016-10-07 11:12 source:未知

1) uncoiler, with fast switching surface layer device double roll machine;
2) cutting, feeding and packing lines are designed to work at high speed. Continuous layer presses have been widely used in the past few years, because the polyurethane and PIR are considered as alternatives to other thermal insulation materials, which greatly reduce the thickness of the wall used in the construction industry. The use of pentane in continuous plants successfully replaced all other CFC based blowing agents, and high consumption of polyurethane technology to transform into an environmental friendly process. The demand for high speed laminating machine actually reflects the need of large scale production. It also presents interesting challenges for the manufacturers of equipment and the producers of the sandwich plate;
3) measurement group, a little increase in size and can meet the requirements of greater output;
4) pouring table and the related mixed batching system, a single oscillating mixing head is not to be sure to spray evenly onto the surface of the plate;
5) the required length of the double track is not less than 30 m.





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