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6 Electric meters bending machine

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time:2016-11-17 14:24

6 meters bending machine from China 

NO.   main parameter of  6 meters hydraulic bending machine

 Material of frame

(high grade) 360mm , 300mm and 160mmH shape steel welding

2 Material of tool apron  300mm Channel steel

Material of stanchion

300mm Channel steel
4 Suitable coil thickness   accepted thickness for steel coil is 0.0mm-1.0mm.
5 Angle of bending ≥90 degree
6 Double cylinder hydraulic drive, stroke is 150mm

Oli pump

  Gear oil pump,pressure is 25MPa
 8   Power of motor  3KW

Voltage :


Operation approach:

1.The first is connected the power,open the key switch on the control panel,and then press the oil pump start-up,so you can hear the voice of oil pump rotation.(the machine does not move now
2.Stroke adjustment,bending machine use must pay attention to adjust trip,before bending you must have a test.bending machine die downward to the bottom must ensure that there have a thick clearance,otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and machine.
3.The bending groove,general to choose the plate thickness is 8 times the width of the notch.such as plate bending 4mm,need to choose about 32mm slot.
4.Block material after adjustment generally has electric rapid adjustment and manual fine tuning,same as the shearing machine.
5.Depress the pedal switch started to bend,the bending machine have different with cutting machine,the bending machine can loosen at any time,when you loose feet the bending machine will stop,continue for down on.

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