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Light duty upright pillar roll forming machine

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 Light duty upright pillar roll forming machine

    Light duty upright pillar or warehouse shelf pilllar is adopted for manual access of lighter goods supporter. It can be matched with plastic containers stored more varieties of products, widely used in electronic industry and small parts warehouse, laying special rubber plate anti-static function by changing the spray or powder. It has the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability, simple assembly and disassembly characters. The light warehouse pillar can be used alone and it can also be freely spliced into various permutations.The Light Duty upright pillar roll forming machine is designed to make the up right pillars in batch fully automatically. Here is one of the drawing profiles of Light duty upright pillars for your reference:

Metal rack upright/ storage rack finsihed product pictures 

Main Roll Forming Machine:

1) Number of rolling stations: 16 rolling stations

2) Shaft diameter: 60mm

3) Shaft material: 45# steel after quenching.

4) Roller material: 45# steel after 62 to 65 degree quenching

5) Transmission method: chain

6) Motor Brand: Chinese famous brand MengNiu

7) Voltage: 380v, 50Hz, 3 phases or customize

8) Machine frame: Middle plate

9) Machine frame thickness: 20mm

10) Main power: 7.5kw

Hydraulic Shearing system:

1).Material: blade and mold material: Cr12 steel with quenched treated 60-62℃

2).Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.

Photo of roll forming machine:




Character Metal rack upright/ storage rack roll forming machine

1,main features

a,the structure is simple and the appearance of the machine is beautiful because we adopt the shape-steel structure and process as a whole after welding. it has the ability of strong loading and stable operation when running the machine.

b.all the components of machine are from brand-famous enterprise so that they ensure the machine normal function very effectively.

c,we adopt the automatic length-fixed forming and cutting to guarantee the length to be precise and the finished product clear without deforming .

d: it is very easy to install the equipment and suitable for producing in the factory.

e: the machine has features of low noise and high efficiency.

Metal rack upright/ storage rack roll forming machine more pictures for your refernce:


How to use:


Our Services


1:Guaranteed against malfunctions due to manufacturing defects for 1 year after date of purchase. Repairs will be made free of charge.

2:Reparis will not be performed free of change even during the guarantee period in the follow circumstances

-  damage occurs due to a natural disaster

-  malfunction occurs due to user error

-  malfunction occurs due to modifications

-  malfunction occurs due to further movement or shipment after installation

3:Air ticket, transportation cost, hotel, meals and 60$ per day shall be for purchaser’s account if manufacturer’s engineer has to be send to purchaser’s factory to maintain the machine during the guarantee period.


Supermaket pillar machine packaged Wiped Anti Rust Oil, Rollers and Shafters covered by waterproof film,Hydraulic station, PLC control Box, Spare parts and some small parts packed in plywood box. All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container.
1). One year, and we will provide the technical support for the whole life.
2).Training: the buyer should charge of visa, return ticket, food and accommodation overseas and USD50/person/day for salary.
3). Need one technicians
4).Training time: one week (contains the time of installation and adjustment)
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