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roof panel step tile roll forming machine price double layer

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roof panel step tile roll forming machine price double layer steel roof and wall sheet roller machine

The roll forming machine can produce many kinds of the steel products, for example,the purline, the ceilign stud, the shutter door, the roofing sheet, the wall panel sheet, the CU stud and track . The roofing sheet roll forming machine is one kind of the roll forming machine to produce the roofing sheet and wall panel for the steel house.

For the steel roofing sheet roll forming machine, there are single layer roll forming machine, and double layer roll forming machine. The double layer roll forming machine including the glazed tile and the roofing sheet machine.

The doubel layer roll formnig machine is save cost, one machine can produce 2 profilee.

and save the space of the workshop.


Below are the pictures of the double layer sheet roll forming machines:




The processing of the double layer roll forming machine is same as the processing withthe single layer roll forming machine line.

Manual decoiler →Feeding material into machine Roll forming machine Measure length Hydraulic cutting Finished Products


 Below is the specifications of the machine line for your reference:

The configuration of the double layer roll forming machine line is as below: manual decoiler, guiding platform, main machine of roll forming, cutting device, electric motor, hydraulic station, Delta PLC control system, run out table

Also about the machine details, there are different designing, for example, the middle plate and the pillar structural .

This is the roofing sheet metal tile roll forming machine and the cutting system, this used the pillar cutting system.hydralic cutting system is better then the middle plate cutting system.


This is formed sheet by metal roofing sheet forming machine, this sheet can be used as the roofing tile, the wall panel of the houseware, the containe house, the airport station building , the factory warehouse and so on.


Below is the hydraulic decoiler, this decoiler is manual decoiler,with much better price than the electric decoiler and the hydraulic decoiler. This 5 Ton manual decoiler is with the most biggest range of using and is preferred by the customer. This 5 Ton manual decoiler is mainly for the shet forming machine line decoiler.





Below is the main roll forming machine body, this is a double layer roll forming machine, with the strustural middle plate , and this middle plated is much more stronger and with good design, to keep the sheet is stably when the sheet is forming.


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