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ppgi color coated coil steel double layer roll forming machi

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time:2017-01-06 14:35

ppgi color coated coil steel double layer roll forming machine

Product Description


  Technical parameters

material spec

colored steel sheet,galvanized steel   sheet,aluminium sheet

thickness of coil sheet 0.3-0.8 mm
roller material

high grade NO. 45 forged steel,with hard

chrome plating on the surface of roller with thickness

of 0.05mm

shaft material high grade NO. 45 carbon wrought iron
cutting blade Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
diameter of shaft 75 mm
thickness of medium plate 16 mm
main frame 300 H/U steel
number of forming steps upper is 11 rows,under is 13 rows
productivity 10-12 m/min
main motor power 4KW
hydraulic station power 4 KW
hydraulic pressure 10-12 Mpa
controlling system PLC computer control
appearance size 7m*1.4m*1.7m
total weight about 5 tons
voltage 380V 3 Phase 60 Hz or as buyer's requirement.

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