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high speed European standard cold roll forming machinery

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cold roll forming machinery

All our machines are designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements. This roll forming machine is used to produce corrugated roof panels and roof tile. The machine consists of decoiler, guiding device, roll former, cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system, etc. Beside these, we add a pre-form guillotine device for this machine to avoid waste of the material when changing to another coil in production.

Roll forming machine
Structure: Wall Panel Type
Rollers Station: 18 stations
Diameter of Shaft: 75mm
Material Of Shaft: High grade 45# steel
Material Of Roller: GCr15 HRC58~62 and Chroming of 0.05mm Thickness
Motor Power: 7.5KW
Power Transition: by Gears & Chains
Chain Transition: 1.0’ chain
Speed Control: by Frequency Converter
Speed of the roof tile: 15m/min Speed of the Corrugation 8-12m/min


cold roll forming machinery picture details

Cr12 Cutting System:

high speed European standard cold roll forming machinery


Main rolling system of cold roll forming machinery:


high speed European standard cold roll forming machinery


Control System

1. The worker input the length and quantity of the product through touch screen, total 20 groups, the touch screen will show the working status of the machine, 
2. Computer Control System: Panasonic PLC
3. Encoder: Omron Brand
4. Frenquency Converter: Yaskawa
5. Touch Screen: MCSG
6. Controlled System Power: Overload Protection
7. Pressure Of Hydraulic Station: 12Mpa
8. Current: 380V Direct Current, 50Hz, 3 Phase


high speed European standard cold roll forming machinery


Packing & Delivery of cold roll forming machinery:



1. A 40 feet container is required
2. The whole Wiped Anti Rust Oil, PLC controller covered by foam film
3. Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box
4. All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container.
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